Healthcare Heroes

We want to honor those who are on the front lines dealing with the COVID19 crisis. Submit your nominee today and we could make them our Healthcare Hero of the Day! Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, Firefighters, Police Officers, Medical delivery drivers…think of somebody that is out there risking their health to protect ours during this time so we can salute them on-air!

Healthcare Heroes 2020


Gary Schuh nominates Brenda Rausch at Theda Care Medical Center
My Fiancé with these hard times is the first person they see when they are coming through the Entrance, she is screening to see if they can go any further along, she is so dedicated to her Job.

LuAnn Avery nominates:I heard you giving shout outs to essential workers. I am a registration person at the hospital. The ones I would like to give shout out to is the custodial/housekeeping people at the hospitals. They are the overlooked personnel who have to clean all the areas of the facility, the rooms that the covid patients are in or have left. They are definitely in direct area of the virus and overlooked by most!

Juanene Johnson nominates MaeLou McCourt , Theda Care Physicians Waupaca RMA, Manawa  EMS, Fox Valley Technical Center CPR instructor
This dedicated lady puts herself out there for others on a daily basis working at the Waupaca TCP clinic and often nightly as well with Manawa EMS. She is compassionate and friendly at all times. Even when teaching at FVTC MaeLou instills confidence in those around her. But the best part is her great smile letting you know it’s going to be all right because she’s there.

Gary Braley nominates Stephanie Braley, Aurora Hospital Housekeeping
Stephanie works in housekeeping. She cleans the rooms, also the rooms with the Corona virus. Keeping the virus from spreading that is a job that no one wants. It is a thankless job that needs to be done and she takes her job very seriously. Thank You, Stephanie.

Dan Greene  nominates Chris Luedtke Amcor Healthcare Packaging
Chris works as a manufacturing supervisor for producing medical packaging. Without dedicated personal like her, we would not have the needed medical supply bags which are desparately needed on a daily basis,

Sean Dettlaff nominates the Day by Day Warming Shelter staff  in Oshkosh
Every day they are taking in 25 homeless people who have been on streets all day. They are serving our food, doing our laundry, pouring our coffee, helping us sanitize and stay distanced. They are putting their health and safety on the line all so i don’t good hungry or tired and have a warm place to sleep. I am honored to be around these unselfish brave people!

Kimberly RAdke nominates Dr. Stephanie Krueger
Krueger Family Chiropractic/Chiropractor
Dr. Stephanie is there for us during this crisis. She is taking the time to listen and give us the care we need. She is putting her health on the line. Thanks!

Sara nominates Emily Schrage who is an RN at Evergreen Retirement Community
Emily has recognized how particularly hard this whole pandemic has been on her elderly (a lot of dementia) residents whom have been literally locked down to their own rooms. She goes out of her way to spend a lot of extra just basic human-to-human bonding time..even more than she had previously. She also never complains about the additional precautions & procedures they have taken at Evergreen to assure their residents safety.

Sue Walbrun nominates all cleaning staff at all healthcare facilities
These people work behind the scenes and many times are not seen doing the great job they do. They have to clean up after patients and staff many times in germ infected rooms. Right now there job is even more important and more stressful. Thank you

Lisa Derfus nominates:    I’d like to nominate my friend Julie Bishop who is a nurse at Ascension in the anticoagulation clinic. She has patients that have to come in for treatment. Julie is such a great upbeat spirit that brings calmness and comfort to her patients. She has a smile that lights up a room. My love and gratitude to you Julie for your dedicated service to our community!

Cooperative Care of Wautoma nominates:
Deborah Campshure and Juanita Olivas. Both of these caregivers were willing to step up in the midst of the panic and maintain cares for our clients. In the beginning of the outbreak we were not able to source enough PPE for all of our staff. We were graciously donated a small supply of masks needed to provide hands on care to our most vulnerable clients. Deb and Terry both stepped up and took on the challenge of providing hands on care during that time. We are so Thankful to them for going above and beyond in the care they provide every day to those in our communities that need it most!

Kris nominates all employees of Wisconsin Resource Center
The Wisconsin Resource Center provides treatment for those in state custody who have mental health issues which cannot be treatment in general population prisons.

Nominees: Becky Brabender, LPN, and Darlene Mannebach, MA, Ascension Medical Group – Oakwood Pediatrics (Oshkosh, WI)
Nominator: Jen Van Abel, Supervisor, Clinic Operations, Ascension Medical Group – Oakwood Pediatrics
Nomination: “They have both volunteered to work in our Pediatric Respiratory Clinic for the duration of the pandemic. They were willing to rearrange their schedules to work different shifts and weekends to accommodate our patients. We are truly grateful for their dedication and selflessness.”

Nominations from Ascension St. Elizabeth in Appleton:
Full name:  Kim Sjoquist,  RN
How Kim is going above and beyond to serve our community?   Kim has been a bedside registered nurse for over 30 years.  Kim’s passion is to help others.  She does an incredible job individualizing the care of her patients and does so in a very compassionate manner.  She has vast nursing knowledge and serves as a resource to her colleagues. In addition, Kim is very involved in our community.

Nominations from Ascension St. Elizabeth in Appleton:
Full name:  Kristin Ebert, RN
How Kristen is going above and beyond to serve our community? Kristen is one of the most compassionate nurses I know.  She puts her patients first and ensures they and their family understand the plan of care. It is not unusual to see Kristen at the bedside of her patients providing them those few extra minutes they need to feel well cared for.

Nominations from Ascension St. Elizabeth in Appleton:
Full name:  Mary Bellile, Lead RN
How Mary is going above and beyond to serve our community?  Mary has been a RN for over 30 years. She is a leader on our unit. Mary always has a smile on her face and is there to support patients and her colleagues. She is knowledgeable of her profession and doesn’t hesitate sharing her expertise.

Nominations from Ascension St. Elizabeth in Appleton:
Full name:  Jiselle Hoheisel, RN
How Jiselle is going above and beyond to serve our community?  Jiselle is a hardworking nurse and a great team player. She always goes above and beyond in caring for our patients.  She has a great sense of humor and often uses it to brighten her patient’s days.

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