Pick Your Chick

#1 Blondie, 2:12pm 4/7
#2 Tyrannosaurus Pecks 7:17pm 4/7
#3 Bradley Coop-er, 11:29pm 4/7
#4 Dora the Eggs-plorer, 2:23am 4/8
#5 Chick Jagger, 4:01am 4/8
#6 Doodles, 7:33am 4/8
Thunder Beak (unfertilized egg)

Day 22 Update:   BLONDIE WINS!   She is the first to emerge entirely from the shell and is now resting & waiting for the rest of the group to join her!



Day 22: The first ‘pips,’ or peck holes in the eggs are seen in all except Doodles & Thunder Beak. We may have chickens later today!

DAY 21, 4/6: We have officially crossed the 3 week mark of which is the typical incubation period for chicks. However, as we have experienced in past contests, the actual hatching can occur a few days beyond that.  The chickens are basically fully formed & are now positioning themselves within the egg so that their heads are pointed up (the incubator is no longer turning the eggs).  The eggs wobble quite a bit!  We have seen movement from all eggs except  Thunder Beak & Blondie, but that does not mean they are not viable. The next step is to see a ‘pip’ or peck hole in the eggs so the chicks can breath easier.
UPDATE: We hear peeping from inside the eggs! It won’t be long until we see the first pecks on the eggs.



– Bradley Coop-er
– Blondie
– Tyrannosaurus Pecks
– Doodles
– Dora the Eggs-plorer
– Chick Jagger
– Thunderbeak

MEET THE CONTESTANTS – these are NOT store-bought eggs. They arrived from a local farm and are (hopefully) fertilized eggs.  It takes about 21 days to incubate a chicken egg & at that point they start to ‘pip,’ or peck holes in the egg for breathing. It may take 18 hours after the first pip for hatching to take place. Chicks will peck then rest for several minutes. This final stage may take 30 minutes.  We do not help the check get itself out of the egg…they know what to do!  They will remain in the incubator for some time before being moved to a brooder.  The Live Stream will occur once we see the first pip on the first egg. The ‘winning’ chick is the first to have been determined to sufficiently exit their egg shell. Thanks for watching!  And look for Facebook Live updates.

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Live Stream may occasionally be down for maintenance.

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We'll be happy to respond to comments! *THIS IS NOT THE ENTRY FORM FOR THE CONTEST* If you want to 'Pick Your Chick,' please use the contest form at the top of this webpage. Thanks for participating & viewing the live stream of the hatch.


WHO WON IN 2020?
1) Feather Locklear – on 4/9/20!
Congratulations to Rick Jessel of Howards Grove, randomly drawn Grand Prize winner from Feather Locklear voters!
2) General Tso – hatched second on 4/9/20
3) Elvis – hatched third  12:47a 4/10/20
4) Mary Peepins – hatched 5:30a on 4/10/20
5) Baby Yolka – hatched 7:25a on 4/10/20
Oprah Henfrey – egg movement, unviable embryo
Cluck Norris – Unfertilized Egg


– It takes about 21 days to incubate a chicken while hatching can take a couple extra days to complete
– Fertilized eggs can be stored in a cool environment (not a refrigerator) for up to 7 days & still be able to hatch
– Eggs need to be warmed in an incubator with appropriate humidity when there is no hen to sit on them
– Eggs that do not hatch within 21-22 days may have embryos that may not have formed properly or be unfertilized eggs
– The eggs we are using are fertilized (we hope) farm eggs, not eggs off the supermarket shelf which are not fertilized.
– The WVBO chicks will be transferred to a family farm following hatching. Yes, they will have outside free range play time!

2020 event pictures





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