Green Bay’s extended shipping season concludes

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The last ship of the shipping season from the Port of Green Bay set sail on Wednesday.

Dean Haen, director for the Port of Green Bay, says warmer temperatures extended the season.

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“The ships have been able to freely travel in and out of Green Bay with minor ice that they’ve been traveling through,” said Haen.

This year’s shipping season is ending, and it is one of the longest-lasting ones on record. The longest a shipping season has lasted was January 28. 

“Our last vessels of the season are typically petroleum products coming in diesel, ethanol gasoline moving through the United States venture, and those are obviously consumables for northeast Wisconsin, so it’s the cheapest way to move fuel products into the area,” said Haen.

Officials with the Port of Green Bay say this season has been a good indicator of where things stand at this point in time.

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“We are going to be down about 12 to 14 percent compared to last year, so that will be the lowest tonnage years in the last five years, the economy had been doing very good even though Covid, but indications are now that things are slowing down,” said Haen. 

 The next shipping season will begin in March or April. The Port of Green Bay says they are gathering research to find the economic impact of the port, its findings will be available in 2023.

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