Steve McGrath

Steve McGrath, your plucky Morning Host, is a 10+ year radio veteran, albeit spread out over 30 years!  A Minneapolis native, Steve grew up listening to the radio, leaving him with a dream to make radio his career.  After graduating from the famous Brown Institute broadcasting program, Steve spent time entertaining folks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Eau Claire and, most recently, Green Bay.  He took some time away from radio but now he’s back, doing what he loves:  playing Classic Hits and making people smile…maybe even LAUGH!

A celeb doing something goofy?  He’ll fill you in!  Weird stuff going on in the world…not to mention here in the Fox Valley?  He’s on it!  One of Steve’s four kids doing something…entertaining?  Steve will tell you all about it…as long as it doesn’t embarrass them…too much!

When he’s not on the air amazing listeners with his knowledge of things no one cares about, and when all of his chores are done, Steve enjoys movies and TV shows, especially science fiction and comedy, and he especially likes hanging out with his family! 

Talking of which…

Steve has been married to his wife Ali for over 20 years and has four children: Logan, Libby, Ramsey, and Oliver.